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Gum Grafting
Portland, OR

woman drinking a glass of water after a gum graft from Joe Radakovich in Portland, ORGum recession is a serious oral health problem. It is frequently caused by gum disease, occurring in the more advanced stages. When bacteria irritate the gums, the tissue swells, and pockets form. Bacteria gets trapped below the gum line, continuing to attack the gums along with the periodontal ligaments and jawbone. Eventually, the infected tissue begins to die, and the gum line recedes. Gum recession can also occur as a result of aggressive brushing, bruxism, and more. When it happens, more surface area of your teeth becomes exposed, increasing your risk of tooth decay. The roots may become exposed, which can lead to severe tooth sensitivity. The stability of your teeth may also be compromised.

The quality of your smile is affected, and your confidence may be as well. At Joe Radakovich DMD, we can perform a gum graft to restore your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. There are a few different types of soft tissue grafts, the most common being the connective tissue graft.

What is a Connective Tissue Graft?

A connective tissue graft is a type of soft tissue graft. A soft tissue graft is a surgical procedure performed to restore your healthy, beautiful gum line. The procedure involves taking tissue from your mouth and suturing it into place over the affected areas of the mouth. A connective tissue graft takes tissue from under a small flap that is created in the palate and is used to aid in root coverage. Once the tissue is sutured into place on the gums, the small incision in the roof of the mouth is sutured closed as well.

What are the Benefits of a Connective Tissue Graft?

There are numerous benefits to a connective tissue graft, including:
•  A smaller surgical wound at the roof of the mouth. Unlike a free gingival graft, which takes tissue directly from the roof of your mouth, leaving an open, vulnerable wound, a connective tissue graft only requires a small incision, which is sutured back up for more complete coverage after the procedure is over.
•  Restoring the health of your gums. When your gums recede, your teeth are more vulnerable to tooth decay and cavities. Bacteria can also enter the inner structure of the teeth, causing a serious infection that would require a root canal. Connective tissue grafting restores a natural, protective gum line.
•  Improving your quality of life. Root exposure can lead to severe, painful tooth sensitivity. Almost everything you eat and drink, particularly things that are very hot or very cold, salty, sour, acidic, and spicy, can cause extreme discomfort. Connective tissue grafting covers the roots of your teeth, alleviating this painful sensitivity.
•  Improving your confidence. Gum recession affects the quality of your smile, which can affect your level of confidence. It can make you look older, and affect the impressions that you leave with others. Replacing missing gum tissue restores a natural gum line, giving you back your beautiful smile. As a result, you can smile confidently once again.

Am I a Candidate?

Candidates for a connective tissue grafting have experienced damage to the gum tissue, quite often as a result of gum disease. You may be experiencing significant tooth sensitivity, due to root exposure. You may also notice a significant recession when you look at your mouth in the mirror. With an in-depth consultation, we can help to determine if a connective tissue graft is the best solution for your needs.

A connective tissue graft restores a more natural looking gum line, giving you back your smile and protecting your oral health in the process. Call Joe Radakovich DMD at (503) 455-4673 today for more information and to schedule your consultation.
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A gum graft restores a more natural looking gum line and protects your smile. Call Joe Radakovich DMD today for more information and to schedule your consultation.
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