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Benefits of Dental Implants
Portland, OR

Group of smiling older women who received dental implants from Joe Radakovich DMD in Portland, ORWhen teeth are missing, replacing them is always the best option for restoring your oral functions. Moreover, replacing missing teeth with dental implants brings you more benefits than you think. As a common option for replacing lost teeth, knowing what dental implants are and the benefits they offer can help you understand why you need them. Our professionals at Joe Radakovich DMD offer dental implant treatments to give long lasting solutions and better aesthetics to patients with missing teeth.

What Is A Dental Implant?

A dental implant is typically a small titanium post that acts as your tooth root. When you are missing a tooth, the titanium post is placed in your jawbone during a surgical procedure. After this, your jawbone grows around the implant, fusing it into place. As soon as your jawbone heals with the titanium post locked in place, the implant receives an abutment and an artificial crown to complete the whole implant. Once the procedure is complete, the following benefits are what your implant provides.

Improved Esthetics

A dental implant is a complete replacement for any missing tooth, right from the tooth root to the crown. This way, it sits among your natural teeth, and even feels like your natural teeth. You can smile with confidence, knowing that there are no missing teeth spaces, and no one can tell the difference between your implant and natural teeth. Dental implants improve your smile and overall facial appearance.


While there are many options for replacing missing teeth, you may find it hard to decide on the perfect option for the number of teeth you are missing. Since a dental implant replaces a single tooth, they are perfect for replacing one or more teeth as you wish. This versatility also comes in useful for patients who have several missing teeth and are considering other replacement options.

Long term Durability

Dental implants are so durable, they can last a lifetime. Because they are made with materials that are biocompatible, they feel natural in your mouth, and you may forget that they are there. Unlike other replacement options, dental implants allow you to chew as you normally would with your natural teeth. Requiring less fuss over maintenance, they stay healthy as long as you keep up ideal oral hygiene with regular dental checks.

Bone Loss Prevention

Dental implants play a serious role in keeping our bone mass healthy and intact. When we lose a tooth, our jawbone loses the stimulation that the tooth provides. This stimulation is how our jawbone retains its density and health. When the missing tooth remains missing, the jawbone in that space begins to lose its volume gradually. This results in a shrunken appearance of the jawbone, and the muscles in the area. Dental implants restore the stimulation to the area and keep the jawbone healthy.

Receiving dental implants also helps to ensure that surrounding natural teeth are kept in position, preventing issues with your bite and other related oral problems. Dental implants offer so much more benefits than these few mentioned, and they are always great options for patients who want to replace missing teeth. At Joe Radakovich DMD, we are always committed to giving our patients the best experience, so call us at (503) 455-4673 today to learn if you are a candidate for dental implants.
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Benefits of Dental Implants | Joseph J. Radakovich DMD | Portland, OR
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