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Pre-Op Instructions


DO NOT eat or drink anything (this includes water) for a minimum of six (6) hours prior to your surgery. However, it is important that you take any regular medications necessary including oral pre-medications for dental procedures with a small sip of water.

DO NOT smoke or drink alcoholic beverages 24 hours prior to your surgery.

Wear a loose fitting, short sleeve shirt so that the doctor can administer the IV.

A responsible person must be present at the time of your procedure to go over post-op instructions and drive you home. If you do not have a ride the day of surgery, we will have to reschedule your appointment. In the interest of your safety, you will not be allowed to take public transportation or a taxi alone. Someone must remain with you for at least four hours after surgery.

Remove contact lenses before you come in for surgery.

Have plenty of soft foods and liquids available for after your surgery.

Plan to rest the remainder of the day. Do not operate power tools, machinery or drive an automobile for 24 hours after your procedure. Please be advised that you should not drive while taking prescription pain medications.

If you develop an upset stomach, head or chest cold please contact the office.

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