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Osseointegration is the bonding of metal and bone. In dentistry, we use this process to bond a new false tooth root system called a dental implant. The placement of your dental implant is crucial to its success and should only be placed by an oral surgeon, who has been trained and is skilled in doing so. Dr. Radakovich can perform this procedure with the superior mastery that you want. Our team can answer your questions and schedule a consultation to discuss the process at our Portland office.

Is placing metal in my body safe?

Titanium is a biocompatible metal that is not only safe for the human body, but it also has the unique ability to bond with your living tissue, integrating it in, making the metal a permanent, strong, fixture in your body. Surgeons frequently place titanium all over the human skeleton, including amputees, prostheses, knee and joint replacement and in our office, for dental implants.

What is a dental implant?

Picture of implant on bottom teeth, Oral Surgeon Portland Oregon
A dental implant is a restorative dental procedure, completed to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. Through a procedure called the All-on-4® Treatment Concept, we can even replace all of your teeth on a single arch. Dr. Radakovich is an Oral Surgeon who performs the surgical procedure of placing a titanium screw into your jawbone. This prosthetic will serve as a root, or base, for your new tooth. With time, about three to six months, your bone will have grown around this screw giving you a very strong base. Osseointegration gives you that permanent fix that you are looking for.

Dental Implants are a great restorative procedure that, if done properly, has a very high rate of success. Our patients love tooth implants because they:
•  Replace a single or multiple missing teeth
•  Stop any potential damage to your bone
•  Stop neighboring teeth from shifting out of place
•  Improve your aesthetics with a new tooth

Have you had a tooth extracted?

When a tooth has been extracted, your bone immediately reacts. The bone begins to atrophy, by decreasing in size, which can have serious effects. Two major things occur with bone shrinkage, first, your face will have an older, sunken appearance, making the difference in your mouth visible to those around you. Secondly, your remaining neighboring teeth can begin to shift and move around in your mouth to fill that gap, this can affect your bite, how your jaw aligns, and result in speaking issues, migraines, and eating issues. A tooth implant will help. A tooth implant provides the stimulation that your bone needs to not atrophy, and it fills the space

Have you had a root canal?

The process of a root canal weakens the natural tooth structure because it is the removal of the inside portion of the tooth, which is the nerve and pulp. Your dentist will most likely place a dental crown following this procedure, but your tooth will never be the same. With time, the natural tooth may fracture, and your crown will not be able to stay attached. A dental implant may be the answer. Ask us at our Portland, OR office if your root canal would benefit from a dental implant.

What is the failure rate of osseointegration?

The bonding of titanium to bone is a highly successful process. In fact, the placement of a dental implant has the highest success rate of any dental restoration. There are some risk factors that can cause failure. These include:
•  Implants that are placed in insufficient bone mass, will have a higher fail rate, this is one of many reasons that you should have your implant placed by an oral surgeon.
•  Patients who smoke have a higher failure rate due to dry mouth which is associated with smoking.
•  Patients who are taking certain medications may have a higher failure rate, please make Dr. Radakovich aware of all medications you are taking.
•  Patients with diabetes have a higher failure rate, diabetes can make healing time slower, not allowing the bonding to happen as it should.

For more information on osseointegration or the placement of dental implants, contact us at our Portland, OR 97213 office by calling: (503) 455-4673

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Osseointegration is the bonding of metal to bone. Click through the link to learn more and find out why Dr. Radakovich is Portland's most trusted oral surgeon.
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