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Tooth Extraction
Oral Surgeon Portland, OR

While the goal in dentistry is almost always to preserve your natural teeth, sometimes the best option is to remove a tooth. This can happen when a tooth becomes extremely infected or decayed, for example, and the problem reaches all the way to the pulp of the tooth, where the blood vessels and nerves are located. Whatever the reason, if you have to have a tooth extraction, it is normal to be anxious and worried. Try not to put too much stress on yourself, however, as the procedure is a common one and our dentists are experienced in conducting them.

What can I expect from a tooth extraction?

Because a tooth extraction is a surgical procedure, you will probably be given some kind of local anesthetic, and perhaps IV sedation to help you get through the process with as little discomfort as possible. Depending upon the tooth in question, they will then use forceps to loosen the tooth from the jaw and ultimately extract it from your mouth. If the tooth is impacted, it is possible that it might need to be removed in pieces. In this instance, we will remove any bone or gum tissue covering the tooth and then get to work extracting it as carefully as possible.

After the tooth has been removed, you will need to follow aftercare instructions to ensure that the healing process is able to be completed as quickly and effectively as possible. Please refer to our aftercare page with more detailed instructions about how to take care of your wound. In general, however, you will need to take caution to avoid dislodging the blood clot that will form in the socket so that it can help promote the healing process. This will help you avoid a condition known as dry socket, where the bone in the socket is exposed.

How can I prepare for the surgery?

In order to prepare for tooth extraction surgery, be honest with ust about your medical history and current medical health. While pulling a tooth is normally a safe procedure, you should still make your doctor aware of any health issues that might complicate things. If you are prone to infection, for example, or have heart issues or an impaired immune system, your dentist or the dental surgeon performing the extraction should know. This can help them plan the safest and best course of action according to your specific health needs.

On the day of the surgery, make sure that you come in comfortable clothes and avoid lots of makeup or jewelry. If you are having IV sedation done, remove any nail polish you might have applied and have someone ready to drive you to the office and pick you up again, as you will not be able to drive right after coming out of sedation. Make sure you read through the aftercare instructions ahead of time and prepare as much as possible, perhaps by picking up ice packs and painkillers as well as lots of liquids and soft foods.

If you are in need of tooth extract, contact us today at (503) 455-4673 and let us guide you through the process. Our experienced dental professionals are more than happy to help!

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Tooth Extractions • Oral Surgeon Portland, OR • Joseph J. Radakovich
If you are in need of tooth extraction, contact us today at and let us guide you through the process. Our experienced dental professionals are more than happy to help!
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